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I'd been asked to document a family group (parents, kids, grandkids) sharing a day at the naturist park. I was psyched to get to work. (Not that I'm partial to nudity in general.) The arrangement was for me to go undercover as a naturist and capture only the happy family members and their happy little lives. There would be no nudity, no disturbing shadows, no voyeuristic peeking. It was to be a completely "natural" day, as the naturists put it. I was excited at the chance to document the family as they enjoyed being outdoors in a beautiful setting. My thoughts about naturist families were a mixed bag: The parents are there to guide the kids, they're part of a support system, and they're all attuned to one another. Of course, the kids are also part of the fun. But I have no problem with nudity in my photography. It's a part of life. In fact, I've always encouraged couples in my business to make the leap to nude and I understand that the body image is a delicate issue. My assignment for the Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park didn't work out the way I'd planned. And when I returned home, my family was out of town for the weekend. We'd rented a house to work on vacation. Now I'm left without a task, no assignment, and no family. (And no family for a long weekend!) But at least I'd had the opportunity to experience what it's like to be part of a nudist family. And I would recommend it to anyone who is interested. Family Pleasures Nudist Parks and Sanctuaries offer families lots of reasons to come and visit them. They're an escape from the daily routines. They offer a place where families can relax and enjoy the company of others. What's not to love? Sometimes, though, your family could be heading to a naturist place without you. So, if you're a photographer, you'd better pay attention to family photo shoots and events. And you'll need to be ready to cover the unexpected—the "what-ifs?" And when it comes to your own family, this could mean you're the photographer—and a guest. So let's look at the normal. First, there are family photo shoots. The naturists run these for many of the events they put on. If you've



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Russianbare Enature Family Nudist shangeo

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